Wrong as Two Left Feet by Teddy Hayes

Wrong as Two Left Feet

Teddy Hayes

The first couple of pages contain sensational (as in attention grabbing) descriptions of gratuitous sex and violence. If you are a dedicated fan of crime you will carry on reading.

David Barnett is a PI with a violent past and a keen sense of justice, working in and around Harlem. The book is full of quirky characters, and features jazz, soul, lyrics and extreme violence.

I met Hummingbird Moses near the Navy Yard and waited for Francisco to show. I had stopped not far from where the shooting of the cop had occurred. While I waited I felt that old thing returning. That old unmistakeable feeling. I had known it so often before. The demons of death. Moving inside me like a cat easing its way towards a bird's nest... Thirsty for the taste of blood. Somebody was going to die.
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Explicit sexual content