Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee

Free Food for Millionaires

Min Jin Lee

A huge novel in which the author has succeeded in including almost every human experience! The main characters are Korean. The sections of the novel dealing with the older generation's culture and their experiences of America, including the importance of their church in their lives, are among the most interesting.

The Korean origins of the second generation become blurred as they struggle with education and careers in modern New York. The world of high finance and high fashion are also well described.

A great title; the significance of which which becomes clear in the book.

It wasn't that a white person couldn't comprehend what it was like to be in her skin, but Jay, in his unyielding American optimism, refused to see that she came from a culture where good intentions and clear talk wouldn't cover all wounds. It didn't work that way with her parents, anyway. They were broken hearted Koreans - that wasn't Jay's fault, but how was he supposed to understand their kind of anguish? Their sadness seemed ancient to her. But, thinking about what she had just said, she felt terrified at the prospect of not being with him anymore.
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