Kissing in Manhattan

by David Schickler

The lives of a diverse group of people are intertwined in this novel set in the strange and foreboding Preemption building. Featuring quite disturbing sex, magic, lust and, just occasionally, love, I felt both voyeuristic and titillated at various stages throughout. A very intriguing, sexy, book. The quirks of these people will stay with you long after you've finished.


The last step of the night is this. After I've sent my friends away, and my housemate has gone to bed, and I've untied Eva or whomever and dressed her and sent her home too, without a kiss goodbye, there will be one woman left. She will be the woman whom, over the course of months, I have held before my mirror, and bound naked to my bed, and talked with at my parties. She will be a woman I've chosen earlier in the night to be the one.... A woman who so knows herself and trusts my care for her that when she lies naked and unbound on my bed, and I - naked before her for the first time - join her and kiss her lips and put my fingers over her heart, she can orgasm almost immediately from the slightest touch.


  • Magnolia - Film
  • Blue Velvet - Film

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