The Last Vampire by Whitley Strieber

The Last Vampire

Whitley Strieber

A compelling chase thriller, a paean to a dying race, a story of doomed love: this vampire tale breaks the genre boundaries with style. Apart from a strong stomach, you will need a supply of handkerchieves and a large vodka to do it justice.


Her own great-granduncle had given the northern herds the apple, breeding the plants carefully through a hundred generations, then planting them where human tribes would discover the apparently wild orchards. This had been done as a solution to a nutritional problem. Humans needed fruit or they became constipated. It was most unpleasant to feed on a constipated human.

  • Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
  • The Merciful Women by Federico Andahazi
  • Russalka by Sheri Tepper

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