In Bloom by Matthew Crow

In Bloom

Matthew Crow

Fifteen year old Francis is diagnosed with leukaemia. How is it possible to find humour in this situation? Amazingly, this book does. Some readers may find the treatment details disturbing but it’s emotionally honest and very good on family relationships - and Francis will make you laugh. Aimed at young adults, but not exclusively. All ages will get something from it. A very sad but also a very funny and optimistic read.

'AAAAAAAAAAH!' I screamed from the couch.
'You have to apply pressure,' Mum said, with her iron fingers crushing the bridge of my nose like a torturer. 'Or it won't clot.'
'Just let it bleed!' I begged' 'See?' Mum said pressing harder on my nose.
'Oh, my God, it hurts!'
'Don't be so soft.'
'You're fracturing my skull!'
I steeled myself and tried to be more macho about the ordeal. But Mum was tough. No matter how fancily she dressed, she couldn't hide her true nature.

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