Shop Front by Samuel Best

Shop Front

Samuel Best

A stunning first novel by a very talented author. This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand masculinity, Scotland and the way out of the traps that men sometimes let themselves fall into because they have to prove that they are 'real men' - whatever that means. Samuel Best's writing is perceptive, enthralling and stylish. I cannot wait for his next novel.

"So she takes this wee scanner hing an' presses it against ma baws, lookin' aroon fur the ... y'know ... lump an' that ... An she's watchin' the screen in case she spots it, so I lok at the screen as well but I dinnae see anyhin 'cept a bunch ae grey and black shapes. Then, efter fuckin' ages ae lookin', her haudin' the scanner, me haudin ma dick oot the way, she goes "Ah, here we are."
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