Carter Beats the Devil by Glen David Gold

Carter Beats the Devil

Glen David Gold

A wonderful and magical read. Carter, a magician in the golden age of the 1920s, has an illustrious career. But all is not as it should be, with many mysterious happenings and murders. Totally engrossing, with lots of seemingly unrelated events, but as in the best of tricks, all is not revealed until the final act.

Charles's mind went blank; it was as if a plug had been pulled and he drained away with the bathwater. Wedged under Jenks's arm, smelling the stale liquor and dirt on him as he found the flight of stairs, going down to the basement. Jenks knew where they were going, even in the dark, and he didn't care when one or the other of the boys collided with stored furniture as he took them deeper and deeper into the house. The sound of James crying filled Charles's brain, as if occupying where Charles himself had once been.
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