Pages for Her by Sylvia Brownrigg

Pages for Her

Sylvia Brownrigg

Two women, one a student - one a professor, fall in love and have a passionate affair. Now twenty years later there is the opportunity to rekindle their relationship. Is it worth taking the risk of losing what they now have independently achieved? Great on the contrasts of academia and domesticity. A sequel to 'Pages for You' but also works very well as a stand alone novel. Hopefully there will be a third episode.

The idea of appearing professionally, in a guise other than as the driver attached to her daughter or as a softening embellishment to her husband, appealed to Flannery, and she was flattered to be asked, but her first reaction on reading the dates and location focused on logistics: how could she get there? Who would look after Willa?....Such were the dreary cogs that started turning in her mind, before another item stopped all the machinery cold. Then warm. At the last name shes saw on the list.

Moderating the proceedings

There followed a name so vibrant to Flannery that it appeared to pulse in some foreign colour on her screen, pomegranate red or a sleek jade green, not the black or grey of the others.

Professor Anne Arden.
A woman she once knew.
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