Hubbies by Michael Carson


Michael Carson

In the GREAT RESTRUCTURE world ruled by Mesdames, Harry Manley strives to be the perfect hubby: scrupulous about domestic hygiene, a wise shopper and dutiful home-maker. But the worm turns when he suspects that the stronger sex is using surficants in detergents to unman hubbies and rob them of their vim and vigour. You're sure to enjoy the quirky humour in this camp send up of consumerism and gender issues.


And it didn't take long for the daily soaps to take up the theme. Meryl, the leader of the Mesdames in 'The Hubbies of Jamaica Lodge', actually walked out on her hubby because he was refusing to depilate, and all the good hairless hubbies were 100% behind Meryl. Even 'The Archers' divided the hubbies along class lines. The middle class hubbies, starting with the hubby who owns Grey Gables, depilated from Day Zero - ably assisted by much sage advice from Peggy; whereas Eddie Grundy and his ilk fought it tooth and nail. Still, no prizes for guessing who won in the end.

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