Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Daisy Jones and the Six

Taylor Jenkins Reid

Daisy Jones is a journey through the life and times of a 1970's rock band. Told in the form of interviews from all the protagonists, you'll find yourself piecing together the story of the band's rise to stardom, and the parallel stories of Daisy and Billy. And it's not a cosy ride. It feels very authentic, vivid. The era comes alive and I am sure that by the end of the book you'll have convinced yourself that you've heard these songs before.


Billy: I knew myself. And it just wasn't an option. So it all had to stop right there.
Daisy and I had just put on this great show together. And we'd had a great night together. She was a knockout. She really was. There was no denying it. Her eyes were big and her voice was gorgeous. Her legs were long. Her smile was...it was infectious. You'd see her smile and then you'd watch smiles open up on the faces of the people around her like a virus passing through.
She was fun to be around.
But she was...(pauses)
Look, Daisy was barefoot when it was cold, wearing jackets when it was hot, sweating no matter the temperature. She never thought before she spoke. She seemed sort of manic and half-delusional sometimes.
She was a drug addict. The type of addict that thinks that other people don't know she's using, which is maybe the worst type of addict at all.
There was no way - no matter what was happening, even if I wanted to - that I could let myself be around Daisy Jones.

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