Crumbs by Miha Mazzini


Miha Mazzini

Set in Slovenia region before the break up of Yugoslavia. Egon and his friends, fellow writers, factory workers, prostitutes, and hermits, eke out a precarious and, for them, normal daily existence in a dreary factory town. Funny, violent, cruel and depressing but still the friends support each other and pursue their obsessions (like Cartier aftershave). Egon is an interesting, serious, slightly mad character. Loved the staccato writing style.


I wrapped the jacket around my right hand, jumping along the row of posters. I came to the right one and smashed it. The sound of glass breaking followed me as I ran up the avenue with my trophy in my hands. ... I felt like a bank robber .... Out of breath, I sat next to him and shoved the poster into his lap. ... I removed the bigger fragments which were embedded in the material and threw the jacket onto his lap.

'Thank you,' he said. An outburst of gratitude.

  • Apparel by Arthur Mauritz
  • Beton Rouge by Simone Bucholz

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