Brainstorm by Richard Dooling


Richard Dooling

Up your reading pace to engage with the fast track world of corporate law and enjoy this witty, satirical novel full of wicked caricatures. It kicks the ass of the American legal system brilliantly.

How noble, if he could say that a love of imaginary criminals had prompted him to attend law school. Instead, having caved in to the fear of beginning adult life without a vocation, he consoled himself with the notion that if the law was to be his rather haphazard, default destiny, then he would not become just another nameless, greedy, suburban-loving, big firm lawyer. He would be Clarence Darrow, lawyer for rebels and criminals. He would be a courtroom hero with a gifted extreme sensibility, driven by ideals instead of cash, placing himself and his literary sensibility in the service of defending monsters from the society that had created them.
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