Immaculate Conceit by Stella Duffy

Immaculate Conceit

Stella Duffy

An irreverent look at the possibilities of a 'second coming'. Those who love Dave Allen will relish this but those who have a more conservative view of Christianity should possibly avoid it!


There was no man on the end of her bed. No tall dark man with his own backlighting. She was dreaming, tripping, whatever. She was off her face, it wasn't real and that was brilliant.

Sofia snuggled down, pulled up the duvet, ignored the picture playing on the back of her eyelids, turned over, tried to sleep. Then the bastard started talking. And didn't stop. Wouldn't listen to her protests. Was surprised she didn't jump at the chance he was offering her, surprised she didn't believe him. Didn't want to believe him.

  • Giving up on Ordinary by Isla Dewar
  • Lambs of God by Marele Day

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