Pleasures of the Flesh by Laurence Haloche

Pleasures of the Flesh

Laurence Haloche

A gothic feast not for the fainthearted, but don't be put off by the grimness of the subject matter - cannibalism. The book is often quite lyrical and gives a beauty to the darkest visions.

It was in the King's garden among the exotic plants, that she came across a berry perfect for her purpose. Its macerated pulp produced an oil sufficiently pungent to hide the stench of the corpses used in the fabrication of the pastilles. The oil turned the odious reality of the product into something apparently quite pleasant. Bitterness and rancidity were banished, giving way to a slightly sweet taste. A taste that comforted and calmed, a taste that came from a very natural ingredient science had turned to a very wonderful tool.
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