Liar's Game by Eric Dickey

Liar's Game

Eric Dickey

Took me a little while to get into the African-American thing - nuances of language etc. Looks as if it is going to be fairly light from the cover, but although it is not a hard read the book does deal with some pretty heavy themes - especially the love and commitment thing'.

Dana was in the corner, breathing hard, the telephone cord dangling in her hand like she'd jerked away my life support.

By then my head was pounding. I snapped, 'What is your problem?'
'I'm the one over here scrubbing the skid marks out of your funky-ass drwaers, and the moment she calls, you're ignoring me, disrespecting me.'

Dana stood toe to toe, dared me in her own way. When I walked away, she followed, practically walked on my heels. I pushed her off me.
'Don't push me. That's your first and last time pushing me.'
'Don't get up on me like that, Dana.'

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Explicit sexual content