Nectar by Lily Prior


Lily Prior

Ramona is an ugly, albino chambermaid who has an aroma which makes her irresistable to men. She uses this gift lightly thinking it will never go away. Sexy, utterly frivolous and very funny.

They came, not only from the estate, but also from the surrounding hills and sometimes even beyond. From the plains to the northeast and the west, and from the towns of Dragoni, Teano, Carinola and Mondragone. The admirers came from all walks of life, and it is fair to say that as word of her charms spread and her popularity increased, Ramona grew cold towards the field labourers with whom, in the early days, she had been content to satisfy her urges in the hayricks and beneath the hedgerows. 'What, Stiliano Mamiliano, are you here again? Do you think I will do it with you after the last time? Why the acorn that you feed to your pigs is a bigger prize than that which hangs between your legs.' Deflated, Stiliano's head disappeared into the foliage, only to be replaced by that of his younger brother, Ludovico, fresh-faced and blushing. 'Will you do it with me Ramona Drottoveo?' he asked in a hoarse voice. 'My thing is much bigger than Stiliano's.' A thump followed as Stiliano's boot met the seat of Ludovico's trousers behind the hedge. 'I've no time for boys,' replied Ramona. 'I need a man who knows what's what.' 'Then take me Ramona, please, I beg you,' came the voice of Papa Mamiliano, his head framed by lilac blossoms. 'I know what it takes to please a woman. Just give me the chance.'

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Explicit sexual content