The Nudist Colony by Sarah May

The Nudist Colony

Sarah May

This is a dark and disturbing book. The first half seems to be made up of unrelated incidents so do persevere to the end to see how the plot develops. The characters are complex and diverse and not one of them seems in any way likeable.


His face was as it had been that morning. Every time he looked at it he saw the forest, a forest whose greens were so dark they were black, and so light they were white. Whose canopy bore the footprints of giants; whose trees and rivers and flora and fauna had both the architecture and anatomy of the world to come.

The skin was red, an inflamed red that made the muscles of the eye ache just looking at it, and covered in welts, not unlike an animal's footprint.

  • The Long Firm by Jake Arnott
  • Burglar Diaries by Danny King
  • Memoirs of a Survivor by Doris Lessing

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