Bold as Love by Gwyneth Jones

Bold as Love

Gwyneth Jones

A trio of rock stars, adrift in a dark futuristic England, struggle to keep their ideals and relationships intact when they get caught up in a fraught political situation. This is a rather dreamy mix of violence, music and love which describes a radically changed yet still familiar society.

It was the fourth of May, hot and humid under low skies. The day-trippers started pouring in at dawn. Sanitation hell descended once more on the peaceful, post-futuristic grunge of the staybehinds. Hippies, actual hardline hippies, were heard talking about getting a Railtrack spur - or, hey, why not a superconducting levitation monorail? to the site gates. There were twisters in Staffordshire, homewrecker floods in East Anglia, and the anti-nuclears in the Rhone Valley might be bringing European Civilization to a sudden close this afternoon; but that last wasn't a big topic of conversation, Green Apocalypse Boredom having set in many moons ago.
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