Bear v Shark by Chris Bachelder

Bear v Shark

Chris Bachelder

Very imaginatively written, Bear v Shark reads like a televised film, with the adverts forming part of the plot. The main thread centres on a family's journey to see a fight. This is interspersed with media reports and expert analysis of the forthcoming event, and observations on society in general. It's a damning indictment of popular culture, consisting of very knowing comments on a media-saturated society.


"The question is simple, as are most profound questions.

Given a relatively level playing field - i.e., water deep enough so that a Shark could manoeuver proficiently, but shallow enough so that a Bear could stand and operate with its characteristic dexterity - who would win a fight between a Bear and a Shark?"

  • Live from Golgotha by Gore Vidal
  • Big Brother - TV Series

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