The Rotters' Club by Jonathan Coe

The Rotters' Club

Jonathan Coe

This episodic tale of the early life of Ben Trotter, set in 70s' Birmingham, will make you smile and weep in almost equal amounts. A minor classic.

'I don't know if you remember, but just before ... just before Malcolm died, he took me to see a concert in town. we went to Barbarella's, and we heard all these weird bands. You remember the kind of music he used to like? ...
'And there's another reason too. You see the title of the record? It's called The Rotters' Club.'
'The Rotters' Club: that's us Lois, isn't it? Do you see? That's what they used to call us at school. B ent Rotter, and Lowest Rotter. We're the Rotters' Club. You and me. Not Paul. Just you and me.'

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