Paradise Salvage by John Fusco

Paradise Salvage

John Fusco

A sentimental and nostalgic rites of passage light thriller, centring on a young boy's emotional struggle in an adult world of political corruption and mixed social cultures. The story's charm lies in the quirky backdrop of the extended Italian-American family, and the gritty humour of the eccentric Mafiosi characters.


Angelo looked at me with his mouth slightly agape and suddenly he appeared to be the one finding us strange. He struggled to get his mouth to the long tube then took it in his teeth and blew steadily. He monitored himself slowly across the room to the window. Sitting there with his back to us he said, 'Okay, you want my assessment? You got a problem, fellas. Well, several problems. One: how do you solve a murder without putting your father in the slam for stowing a stiff, leave alone getting him a citation from the DMV? Three: you want to keep it in the family. Che famiglia? What family? Now you want me in the family all's a sudden, and finally, number three-' 'Number four,' I corrected him.

  • A Painted House by John Grisham
  • Dandeline Wine by Ray Bradbury

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