First Love, Second Chance by Colin Shindler

First Love, Second Chance

Colin Shindler

Not an easy thing to do - risk going back to your youth, and trying to revive the love felt at university. This book has the ability to charm you, to make you squirm with embarrassment, to make you feel romantic and want to be sensible at the same time. In their circumstances, think what you would dare to do, and see if Julia does the same.

Idly, Mike looked round for Emily but couldn't see her. The two periods of twenty minutes' sunbathing on either side had obviously elapsed. She was probably in the sea somewhere. He strained his eyes. The sun was dancing on the water, making it hard to distinguish the jumpinig, splashing figures on the horizon. He thought he recognised Emily then changed his mind. He decided to walk ouot to check. Besides, he was feeling the effects of the heat and he could do with immersing himself in the water for a while.
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