Kilbrack by Jamie O'Neill


Jamie O'Neill

A bit difficult to get into - the first chapter is very odd - but do persevere. This is a really funny book (well it made me laugh out loud!)

'But they can't actually live in Kilbrack,' said O'Leary doubtfully. 'Surely?' Of course they couldn't. Kilbrack was a blighted, accursed land. He had the evidence of Nancy Valentine's memoirs to assure him of that. 'Bereft of a soul, save the souls of the dead, a shell where once stood homely grandeur ....' It was all described so painfully in the book.

'I know the place,' owned the thin-faced man. 'A terrible whereabouts. Shocking. No place for an honest respectable gentleman. No place at all. Steer clear of Kilbrack, take my advice. Not that I would advise you of course, begging your honour's pardon.' And he tipped his bowler hat.

'But Kilbrack is precisely where I'm bound.'

'Ah,' said the thin-faced man mournfully, 'Well then.' He heaved a long breath. 'You can ride in with me so.'

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