Dogrun by Arthur Nersesian


Arthur Nersesian

A fast-paced page-turner! The feisty, wise-cracking central character reminded me of the women detectives in the stories of Sue Grafton and Sara Paretsky - surrounded by sleaze but managing not to get corrupted by it. Lots of black humour in the descriptions of the misfits and fantasists she meets when searching New York for the truth about her ex-boyfriend.


"When you dancing, sweetcake?" some half-wit asked.
"When hell freezeth over", I replied bibically and ordered a second diet Coke.
"Well, considering the weather lately, this might not be a bad year for that." He was cute but young, like a cross between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.
"What do you do?" I asked, not wanting to waste any time. If he didn't have some entertaining artistic pursuit or wasn't pulling down at least six figures a year, I was going to abort this conversation in its first trimester.

  • Losers Club by Richard Perez
  • Anything by by Sara Paretsky

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