Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde

Something Rotten

Jasper Fforde

Where else would you find the Cheshire Cat, the Minotaur, Hamlet and President George Formby? How about Swindon in a parallel universe?
Suspend belief and let your imagination take over and follow the adventures of Literary Detective, Thursday Next. Funny, clever and often completely wacky you just have to go with the flow. Books won't be the same again after reading this.

She sighed. 'I know, but Emperor Zhark threw a tantrum when I suggested he spend a little less time conquering the universe and a little more time at Jurisfiction - the Red Queen won't do anything post-1867 and Vernham Deene is tied up with the latest Daphne Farquitt novel. Commander Bradshaw does his own thing, which leaves me in charge - and someone left a saucer of bread and milk on my desk this morning.'
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