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Marthe Blau

Set in Paris, this is an exploration of sexual desire and control told through the voice and experiences of Elodie. Throughout the story, the object of her obsession is called He, Him or His, indicating his total dominance, power and control. In her desire, Elodie sees in this sexually depraved man something representing purity and love. A disturbing read, not for the squeamish or easily offended. However, if you approach it with an open mind there's plenty of food for thought.

Every day my desire to see Him grows stronger, but so does the likelihood that He's forgotten me. The pain of it is unbearable.
I have a terrible sense of waste, of something unfinished. So much to experience, so much to give, if only He knew . . . I need to see Him again, to show Him I can be worthy of him, to pay tribute to him, make Him proud of me, devote myself to His pleasure. He can do what He wants with me, with my body and my soul, I can rise to His demands, all I'm waiting for are His orders, all I need is one word from Him . . .
Why doesn't He call?
He doesn't even know me. He wouldn't recognize my voice, maybe just my arched back, which is waiting for him, begging for Him to do what He will with me.
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Explicit sexual content