The Nature of Monsters by Clare Clark

The Nature of Monsters

Clare Clark

Eighteenth century London is city of stark contrasts. The poor live in utter squalor and seek to stay alive by any possible means. The rich seek enlightenment and beauty but behind the hunt for medical knowledge lies brutality and exploitation.

An exciting but horrific story with a feisty and resourceful young heroine.

I could do nothing. I could only wait for the suffocating bulk of its body pressing down on mine, for the meaty stink of its fur, the scream of its claws burying themselves in my neck as its teeth tore into the flesh of my stomach. The beast roared again and hurled itself forward. I screamed falling backwards and striking my head against the corner of the bed. For a moment the room was streaked with colour, scattered all over with a fine silver dust.

Then it went black.
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