Graffiti My Soul by Niven Govinden

Graffiti My Soul

Niven Govinden

Everyday life for modern teenagers in suburban Surrey has all the usual ingredients - sex, drugs and violence!

But our fifteen year old hero has more to deal with than his contemporaries - difficult to say more without giving away too much of the plot! He's has a hard struggle and a long journey but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I have the same dream every night, where Moon has her hands around my throat and is strangling the life out of me. At the point before I lose consciousness, Moon's hands become Casey's, and he's stroking my face as much as throttling me. This is when I wake up, heart beating faster than if I'd done the 100m, sweating like a P.I.G. ...I'm the King of Repetitive Strangulation.
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Explicit sexual content