By The Time You Read This by Lola Jaye

By The Time You Read This

Lola Jaye

From the age of 12 Lois depends on her late father's bequest: a 'manual' intended by him to see her through life to 30. This might have been a very sentimental novel but bold, often wrong-headed Lois makes sure it isn't. Okay so you'll be able to spot where she (and Dad) are making mistakes but that's part of the fun. Sit back and enjoy - secure in the knowledge that you've spotted Mr Right long before she has.

But work had to come first, right? Being successful was what fuelled me; nourished me like food and was everything I needed to function. Craving the next task, the next mountain to scale. Yearning for work like Carla yearned for a man. And if anything, work had proved more reliable than most men.. So what if I was alone with only a handful of friends? I was okay. I'd be all right. I still had Dad.
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