The Dandelion Clock by Jay Mandal

The Dandelion Clock

Jay Mandal

This is a sweet, funny and very conventional romance except that it's boy meets boy rather than boy meets girl. David and Rob - both nice guys - have to overcome an incident of childhood abuse before their relationship can move forward. In the end, expect a gentle love story with a happy ending.


He went downstairs. He felt both rejected and dejected. He'd wanted to stay and find out what was bothering Rob; he'd wanted to put his arm around him. Illogical, he thought: if it had been anyone but Rob that's what he would have done. But he couldn't touch Rob, he couldn't allow himself to. He was afraid he would end up by telling Rob how he felt. He'd been paralysed in the face of Rob's tears. Odd how loving someone could make you act as if you didn't care

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