When My Sister was Cleopatra Moon by Frances Park

When My Sister was Cleopatra Moon

Frances Park

A lively, funny read but with underlying depth in its coverage of life issues - sibling rivalry, love, and the cultural divides of second generation children. The teenage girls in this book are growing up in America but the family's roots are Korean.


I worshipped Cleo more than God in those days, for her aura in the outside world, and for her bond within the walls of our house. It was only natural that she became the focus of my 'Dream On' essay. Not that I ever dreamed of being Cleo - I was just being her li'l hobo sister - but I did dream of being by her side in her red Mustang, suspended in time. Cleo and me, shifting into gear.

  • House of Winds by Mia Yun
  • East to America by Elaine H Kim

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