The Ghost of Munich by Georges-Marc Benamou

The Ghost of Munich

Georges-Marc Benamou

1968 and a young American journalist is interviewing ex-President Daladier of France - the only survivor of the Munich summit of 1938. Benamou could have been a fly on the wall so completely does his absorbing novel capture the tensions and suspense of those fearful days. Concentration is required as the book slips through the years and into voices other than Daladier's, but the effort is well worthwhile for anyone interested in Hitler or WWII.

For the President, Stalin was a Georgian first and foremost, and only then a Communist, with all the hang-ups of a great Russian.
The President could understand, identify, pinpoint the others: General Beck in Poland, Salazar in Portugal, and perhaps tomorrow that man Franco.
But Hitler was something else.
The President didn't understand him at all.
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