A Day and a Night and a Day by Glen Duncan

A Day and a Night and a Day

Glen Duncan

This hybrid story jumps effortlessly between mystery, thriller, love story and terrorist torture. Global issues such as 9/11 and rampant modern technology meld into uncomfortable ideas about incest, sex and love. It explores the darker side of the human race, and although it is violent it isn't particularly graphic - what disturbs most is what's left to your imagination.

Augustus can't concentrate. A hardwired defense mechanism stops him fully replaying his own footage. He gets fragments: the thick porous nose and too-small nostrils of the guard without the mustache; a thread hanging from the seam of a truncheon; the mustached one selecting an angle for a blow with a slight tilt of his head - which last brings nausea and a shock of pity for himself and the unique treasure of his life they're despoiling, like a rape.
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