Pocket Notebook by Mike Thomas

Pocket Notebook

Mike Thomas

A black comedy which clearly shows alcohol, steroids and guns don't mix; especially when you happen to be a tactical firearms officer! Frustrations of policing today are glaringly obvious in Jacob’s frank diary account, as reality and fiction dangerously blur until he can't tell where video games end and real life begins.

The Fucking new Guy. The sprog, proby, YTS cop. I've had the misfortune to suffer his small-talk when he's been on cordon at firearms jobs. He's cocky. Smart-mouthed. A three-month-in cherry who talks like a seasoned veteran, typical of the new breed of arrogant plods. I've got bloody biros with more service. And I never could remember his name at first, just referred to him as Seal Pup because all I wanted to do was club him to death.
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Explicit sexual content