Domestic Bliss and Other Disasters by  Jane Ions

Domestic Bliss and Other Disasters

Jane Ions

Sally tells the story of her mid-life antics involving her 'creative' son, her overwhelmed new-mum daughter, her politician spouse, a rat-catching lodger, two long-standing friends, and a neighbour with an unhealthy interest in rhubarb leaves. Sally's life is all wrapped up in a comical coat of witty observation and good old-fashioned British humour guaranteed to raise a smile (and an eyebrow).


After almost an hour of this mental turmoil I was friendless, ancient, toothless, gorged on chocolate, unable to remember how to drive my car, in prison and facing Armageddon. Then it occurred to me for the very first time that my husband was called Bill and my son-in-law was called Ben and my whole life felt absurd. 

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