The Last Resort by Alison Lurie

The Last Resort

Alison Lurie

A great holiday read. A group of people, some related to one another, come together and interact during a stay in Key West. They're all seeking different things from life and all learn a lot - especially about love. I enjoyed the book because it really captures the spirit and flavour of Key West - 'The Last Resort' at the end of Route 1.

They'd been through a difficult time, Jenny admitted that to herself now ... it had been good for Wilkie to come to Key West. And for her too ... she'd made an interesting new acquaintance. No, not an acquaintance, Jenny thought: Lee Weiss was already a friend. It was surprising because Lee was so different from her other friends .... It was a different kind of relationship than any she had at home though, because it had nothing to do with her being Mrs. Wilkie Walker.
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Explicit sexual content