Terror Firma by Matthew Thomas

Terror Firma

Matthew Thomas

Wow, has Elvis really been kidnapped and could there really be a conspiracy to protect us from an alien invasion? A very funny science fiction novel which deals with conspiracies, crashed ufos, alien abductions, religious cults - the lot!

All seemed normal enough till just past midnight. Tell the truth I had a funny dream about two nuns locked in a greengrocer's, but that's not the confession you're looking for, is it? Anyway come the witching hour I was awakened by a bright light hovering over the house. My first thought was that the roof was alight, but I could hear no sound apart from a low-pitched humming. The other thing that convinced me it wasn't a fire was its colour. It was the brightest white light you'd ever seen, not red like from flames but tinged with blue as if from a welding torch .... Now you might think any right-minded individual would be pretty keen to discover what had landed on his house but not me. I was overcome with a strange lethargy. Dead casual, I got out of bed and wandered downstairs as if I hadn't a care in the world. Didn't stop to wake the wife. Didn't stop to wake the kids. Just plodded off as if it was a regular occurrence.
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