Perfect Alibis by Jane Wenham-Jones

Perfect Alibis

Jane Wenham-Jones

Determined to recover her youth, Stephanie, a bored housewife and disillusioned mother, gets a job with her friend's company, PAs - an agency providing unfaithful wives with perfect alibis. Fun, frothy and frivolous!

Madeleine's eyes narrowed.

'We have a responsibility to each other,' she said sternly. 'My clients do get caught occasionally. Through carelessness and complacency but never through this agency. There has never been a chink in our armour and I intend to keep it that way.'

She leant forward. 'If you do get caught you never admit to this agency's part in the deception. You always stick to the authenticity of the alibis provided. We can have no sobbing confessions. It's like the Resistance - you never bring anyone down with you.'

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