The Indiscretions of Isabelle by Penny Birch

The Indiscretions of Isabelle

Penny Birch

Tongue in cheek (excuse the pun) romp into the world of female sado-masochism, with no details spared and much spillage of bodily fluids. I couldn't help but warm towards Isabelle, a young Oxford student with a heart and an inclination towards flagellation. Definitely not for anyone who prefers their baked beans on a plate.

It was right. It was the thing to do to naughty girls, to take their panties down in public and spank them, and I was being spanked now, my bare bottom on fire, helpless in her grip, my head full of humiliation and pain. As I burst into tears I knew she had me, with a vengeance, hers to do with as she pleased, taking me down in the space of a few seconds. Even as she spanked me I was babbling my gratitude between my gasps and squeals, soaking up the awful pain because it was what I needed - punishment, then sex.
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Explicit sexual content