The Illusionist by Dinitia Smith

The Illusionist

Dinitia Smith

Dean's gift is getting young women to fall in love with him. He becomes whatever they need him to be. A powerful, sensitive and erotic novel, which captures the atmosphere of a desolate New York town.


He was like a child, I thought. The object of your love, but completely unaware of how much you adored him. Innocent, I thought. For the moment.

And I wanted to lean down and touch his hair, all soft and shaggy and brown, put my lips to his cheek, inhale his skin. But I didn't dare. Dean wasn't the kind of person you touched without permission, I knew that instinctively, without his having told me.

  • The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides
  • Boys Don't Cry - the film

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