Hotel of the Saints by Ursula Hegi

Hotel of the Saints

Ursula Hegi

An unusual collection of short stories featuring offbeat characters in a variety of settings from Germany to Italy to Mexico. Simply written and a joy to all fans of Ursula Hegi.

My first love has tripled in size. I didn't recognise him, though I noticed him when he entered the greek restaurant, because the waiter replaced his armchair with a piano bench before he let him sit down. He was with a woman who wore apple-green silk and was heavy toothough not nearly his weight. 'Vera', he called out actross the restaurant, and hoisted himself from the piano bench. His bulk drifted towards me as if carried by the exotic spices, surprisingly agile, fleshy hands leading. I glanced behind me, searching for an escape or some other woman called Vera, though I know it's not a common name. All through school, I was the only Vera in my class.
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