Crossing Jordan by Jack Dickson

Crossing Jordan

Jack Dickson

Two boys - think they are grown up. Think they are tough. Think that they are victims because they are scared. A tale of murder, mayhem, gay sex, child abuse. A tale of a Glasgow hardman in the making. Don't leave this book in reach of children or people of a nervous disposition.


A narrow sludgy-green tie dangled in front of his face. Danny fingered rough, slightly nobby fabric. 'That'll go great.' He levered himself off the bed.

Kel was fastening the shirt's top button, the knobbly tie slung round his neck.

'You sure I'm okay like ...' Danny peered down at a spot of grease on his jeans. '... this.'
'Ye don't need tae come ....'

  • No Mean City by A McArthur
  • The Sacred Art of Stealing by Christopher Brookmyre

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