Spook Country by William Gibson

Spook Country

William Gibson

Avant garde artists meet spies at the bleeding edge of technology. But the old spy games still have their place as do aging rock stars, drug addiction, Christian heresy and Cuban mysticism. Watch in awe and wonder as they all come together.

She looked at the LED-wheeled ivory car. 'Is their display broken?'
'You can't see an image unless the wheels are turning. The system senses the wheel's position and fires the LEDs it needs to invoke an image in persistence of vision.'
'I wonder if they make them for a Maybach?'
'What's a Maybach?'
'A car. Did Bobby ever talk about shipping containers?'
'No. Why?'
'Somebody's piece, maybe?'
'He didn't talk about other artist's work. The commercial stuff, like that squid for Japan, sure.'
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