The Innocents by Francesca Segal

The Innocents

Francesca Segal

Life for Adam, a engaged young Jew living in North London, is perfect until temptation in the shape of another woman arises which threatens his paradise. How Adam resolves this dilemma is the plot. Descriptions abound of Jewish religious ceremonies and feasts so don't read this novel when you are feeling hungry! An interesting view on duty versus desire.

Ellie had stayed in New York alone. She had refused to return to London, and there was nothing they could do. During those years Ziva and Jaffa had been beside themselves about the girl and twice Ziva had gone to visit, only for Ellie to disappear. 'We will loose her for ever if we chase her,' Ziva had said eventually, 'and I hope that she will come to us when she is ready.'
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