Homing Instinct by Diana Appleyard

Homing Instinct

Diana Appleyard

This light and hysterically funny novel will make you laugh out loud. Working mothers everywhere will empathise with Carrie Adams as she juggles career, children, nannies, husband and a house move. Can Carrie keep all her balls in the air or does catastrophe await?

Wednesday 4 February. The ensuing spurts completely drowned the thin little breast-pads and soaked through my shirt. Bending double, I rushed puce-faced to the loo, clutching my jacket around me. In the safety of its marble confines, my worst fears were confirmed. There were two huge spreading stains which couldn't be casually explained away. 'I tripped and spilt two cups of coffee down myself- simultaneously'? 'I had a nasty accident with an exploding tap'?
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