The Clothes of Nakedness by Benjamin Kwakye

The Clothes of Nakedness

Benjamin Kwakye

If you can accept the sexist attitude to women as part of the cultural setting, then you will enjoy this book. Relationships between characters are openly friendly - but something dark and disturbing lies just under this surface. On the face of it a simple thriller, yet don't be fooled. Here is a really intelligent novel that neatly examines how individuals who have everything except wealth can be easily corrupted, intimidated and manipulated.

Mystique Mysterious bided his time, accepting Bukhari's gratitude with equanimity. Bukhari fell into a trap he didn't know existed when he said 'I don't know how to thank you.' ... Mystique Mysterious smiled. This one had been easy, too easy .... 'All I ask for is only one little thing. All I ask is that you give me 15% of your monthly earnings.' ... Reluctantly Bukhari agreed to Mystique Mysterious's terms. The two men shook hands and parted company.
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