Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro


Kathleen Tessaro

Twenty first Century Ugly Duckling transforms herself with the help of a fashion guru from the 1950s. It's light, it's fun, it's got a happy ending. It will be a film - the heroine is a 30-something American living in London - so sit down with your favourite choccies and read the book first!

In the days that follow I proceed to do what I always do when big changes are afoot: I panic. I panic about my background, my age, my lack of experience, my qualifications, my hair, my outfit for the interview, what will happen if I do get the job, what will happen if I don't, what they might ask me, and, most of all, how I'll respond to all these fictional questions. I sit alone at a table in the staff canteen, answering them at some length, until one of my colleagues confesses that I'm starting to frighten them and asks me to stop.
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