Split by Bill James


Bill James

Split is a gritty thriller that doesn't hold back on the punches. In the 21st century, the spying game has changed for ever and Simon Abelard stands out as a unique hero. With vivid characters and stylish wit you are drawn into the grubby world of post iron curtain espionage.


Consciousness came back at a gallop and as soon as he opened his eyes he knew he was in the locked boot of a moving car, big enough to be a Rover. Blood had run down his face nad dried on his lips, sticking them together. His nose seemed blocked - perhaps more blood. His chest was heaving for lack of air and he broke his lips and desperately sucked at what was on offer in this fume-filled box. Exactly how old was the crate? Did it leak poisons?

  • The Ipcress File by Len Deighton
  • A Spy by Nature by Charles Cumming

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